Concern Yourself

I Have A Concern is about…pretty much everything that concerns me.

But that’s not to say it’s all about the worries in life. I’ve been blogging under this name for a few years and my Concerns have come to mean…the things that interest me enough to write about them. Mainly that’s movies and writing itself, but it could be anything…

I’m not really one for criticism and click-baiting, so you won’t find that here – I like to celebrate the things I love and that interest me.  I like to deal with a darker notion by trying to lighten it; developing and working in that attitude has helped me a lot.



The Genre Showman

I don’t like gangster movies and I don’t like westerns. Generally. As a vague rule. There’s always going to be exceptions to that kind of sweeping statement — when you give me a new take on the western or something like Back to the Future, Part III, I’m all about the western — but, generally, …

Prior Concerns

Blogging is no exact science.

This is roughly the sixth incarnation of I Have A Concern. but the present is very much built on everything from the past – the prior versions are archived at My Prior Concern, along with the movie blog that spun-off from it, The Onslaught. Check them out below:

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